• Welcome to Home Music.
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    coporate profile

    name   Home Music Inc.


    e-mail address info@your-homemusic.com





    capital stock  ¥1,000,000


    business detail  playing the music and delivering the musicians and so on.


    tax accountant Wataguchi Kohei


    CEO profile


    CEO Lee Yeong Chan


    born in 1988, Japan


    graduated Aoyama Gakuin University


    working at Soft Bank Telecom(current Soft Bank Corporateion.)


    worked there just 9 months and studied

    abroad at University of California in San Diego.


    lost the passport and didn't understand Korean, had a visa trouble.


    worked in Los Angeles.


    established Home Music Inc. in 2021


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    Lee Yeong Chan

    Thanks for supporting Home Music Inc as always.


    We make our own story, loved by a lot of people.


    We are on the way of our dream and appreciate your supporting.


    Thank you.

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    Music Adviser

    Ohbu Ryosuke


    I contribute to the company from the point of view as a proffessional musician.




    Born in Chiba, started playing the piano since 5 years old.


    graduated Kogane high school and bachelor and master's degree of piano course of Tokyo college of music.


    won a lot of prize of music contests.


    playing various fields of music.


    arranging the tunes or songs.


    I am involved in a wide range of activities, such as accompaniment for competitions, pianist at wedding receptions, and piano performances in plays.

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    Social Adviser
    Anna Matsukura

    the representative of project Heart for ethical model

    I grew up in the great nature of Aomori, and have been promoting the charm of nature and the region since I was a student as a model.


    When I started to visit Tokyo for work, I felt that there was a big gap between living in the city and living in the countryside. We are raising and operating.


    In today's digital world, I want to convey the excitement of a "live" experience that doesn't go through machines or screens to many people.


    The same is true for music, and there are parts that overlap with President Lee's thoughts, so I decided to participate as an advisor for home music.


    I would like to cooperate with you from a social and multifaceted perspective.


    My hobbies are playing the flute and listening to classical music.


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    Flower Ambassador
    Nakamura Kayo
    "Hanaasobi" is a modeling class using Ross Flower®.We hold workshops for parents and children, lectures at nursery schools, schools, etc., and workshops for adults.

    More children will become familiar with flowers by actually touching them, and as they grow older, it will be easier to incorporate flowers into their daily lives. That's what I think.
    I would like to entrust the future of flowers to children, reduce the amount of loss flowers as much as possible, and create a future that is kind to children, flowers, and the earth.

    I think that music and flowers have something in common: they heal people's hearts and bring smiles to their faces.
    We will strive to create opportunities for everyone who loves music to experience the power of flowers.

    *Ross Flower® refers to flowers that are discarded while they are still beautiful. At flower farms, there are products that are substandard, and there are products that are unsold at flower markets and flower shops.
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    Internship worker
    Fujisawa Asuto

    I decided to work at this company because I sympathized with the philosophy of Mr.Lee.

    I like music and noticed the goodness of music nowdays.

    I do my best to deliver to attach a lot of people by music.


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    Internship worker
    Higuchi Kana


    I originally liked arts and learned it as a major.


    But when I came to Tokyo, I got a lot of ooportunities of listening to the classical conserts and noticed the wealthness of the music.

    My dream is creating the eco system to help people to find the wonderfullness of various fields of the arts.


    I want to spread the wonderfullness of music to more people through the jobs of Home Music Inc.


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    Internship worker
    Araki Oto

    I like the phrase of the boy of Disney moovie "remember me "

    " La música es mi lengua y el mundo mi familia"
    "The music is our words and the world is our family. "


    There are so many music fans in the world so I hope there will be a place where we can enjpy the music cheerfully.

    I devote myself to contribute to our team.